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"I have worked with Toby for a number of years and his talent for film making coupled with his kind, compassionate nature, offered Call The Midwife the perfect combination.  He brings fresh ideas to the table and is always open to hearing other opinions, and taking direction. 

His passion for visual storytelling is evident in everything he delivers. 

I will always look forward to working with him in the future." 


Ann Tricklebank, Executive Producer 

Call The Midwife & Upstairs Downstairs


"When it comes to Cinematography there are lots that talk a good game, but Toby Moore really delivered on Sticks & Stones. He was calm and organised throughout, as well as exhibiting great skill and creativity. Toby was central to the success of Sticks & Stones, creating an unnerving world through light and camera craft, supporting those around him, communicating clearly with cast and crew and allowing space for the actors.  It was a pleasure working with such a production-friendly Cinematographer and I would welcome the opportunity to do so again." 
Colin Wratten,  Producer 
Killing Eve & Belgravia


"I've worked with Toby many times. He always delivers great visuals, with a real empathy for story and emotion. His technical knowledge is remarkable. So much so it means you can concentrate solely on the most important thing... Storytelling."


Rob Evans, Director 

Grantchester & Mr Selfridge


"Toby brings enough energy to the party to power the whole camera and lighting department.  His passion, enthusiasm and work ethic is the signature of a man who loves his job.  He has a lot of experience and technical knowledge and I have always found him collaborative, supportive, professional and sensitive to the material.  In the typical filming situation, he is totally committed to getting the very best result within the time frame.  Where things don’t always go as planned, Toby will adapt and where necessary embrace and work the compromise.  I think he is incapable of doing less than his very best for any project, but he never forgets he is working for the Director.  His lighting is beautiful - and best of all - he’s quick.  As Director you feel that he’s completely on your side."


Syd Macartney, Director 

Call The Midwife & Last Tango In Halifax


"Over the years, I’ve compiled the list of people that I want with me in the trenches. Making it on to that list requires a delicate balance of talent, skill, temperament and personality.  Toby’s been on that list for well over a decade. Whether it was in the subway tunnels in Bulgaria, or the deserts of Qatar, Toby demonstrated over and over again that not only does he have an amazing eye and feel for the image, the story and staging, but he can think quickly on his feet, is totally engaged and finds brilliant creative solutions even under pressure – and all with a wicked and unsinkable sense of humor.  A rare symbiosis happens, with both of us ultimately doing our jobs better.  I would work with Toby any time, any place, on any film, under any circumstances."

Luca Bercovici , Producer 

A Good Day to Die Hard & 12 Monkeys


"I first met Toby when he was DOP on The Halcyon (Left Bank Pictures for ITV). It was a real pleasure working with him and his natural talent shines on every single frame. Toby is a real team player, quick at adapting, and he strives to make everything look great. He worked well at taking on the shows already set look and actually improving on it. When the chips are down (and the schedule screwed) Toby can work at speed and still deliver quality.  I really look forward to working with him again."

Chris Croucher, Producer 

Downton Abbey & The Halcyon


"He's a wonderful, creative DOP.  Happy to make the best of tight schedules and tough budgets, he's incredibly supportive of those less experienced than himself and always remains positive and can do.  He’s a real pleasure to work with."


Serena Cullen, Director of Drama & Comedy   

Sony Pictures TV International


"The atmosphere is a beautiful blend of intimacy and purpose. The pool of light that Toby achieves reflects off the costumes, and bathes the image like a wonderful painting. The effect is deeply moving."


"Toby is as much a part of the Call The Midwife family as the cast members you see on screen. His care, good humour and expertise are an essential element of our success. 

We couldn't be more proud of him and his work."


"If I have Toby’s name on the callsheet then I know I have one less thing to worry about. I know that his shots will look fantastic and I’ll be confident that the actors will feel comfortable and supported (which will help them to deliver better performances). Toby is a true collaborator who knows how to tell a story in  pictures - which he does with great eloquence. He is both creative and practical. His ability to manage the resources available to him is outstanding. He will always maximise the visual opportunities but be reassuringly aware of the schedule’s demands. His technical knowledge is second to none and his lighting is simply beautiful. Toby is, and I say this as the highest praise, a genuine craftsman." 
Daikin Marsh, Director  
Vera & Holby City


"Toby is fantastic to work with - collaborative, visual, with a strong understanding of scripts and story. 
An asset to any production.
Sarah O’Gorman, Director 
The Last Kingdom & The Witcher


"He is really collaborative and always able to produce exciting, cinematic visuals even on very fast schedules. His thoughtful and expressive lighting enhances the storytelling, mood and tone of any drama he undertakes. He also is great fun to work with!


Jill Robertson, Director 

Law & Order U.K & Harlots


"It has been my pleasure and good luck to form a collaborative and creative partnership with Toby several times. He has a truly insightful approach to character, story and dramatic scenarios; it's clearly evident from the results seen in his beautiful work. I've enjoyed seeing him fashion his craft, fashion his clever interpretations of character interplay and reflect thematic ideas in the script. His ideas, constant care and abundant energy achieve fantastic results. For any Director wanting to achieve exquisite framing and camera movement, they can be assured that Toby will deliver the whole package." 
Joss Agnew, Director 
Poldark & Mr Selfridge

Director of Photography Drama Resume

"He finds the balance between being collaborative and creative whilst always knowing exactly what he wants. His work is always a joy to grade and he has a deep knowledge of his craft which shows on screen.
It’s always impeccably shot and I never feel like I’m wrestling to get the best out of it.
He has an excellent eye and is great to have in the room." 

Andrew Daniel, Senior Colourist - GoldCrest 
Giri/Haji & A.D. The Bible Continues


"I was fortunate enough to have Toby as cinematographer on my directorial debut in Bulgaria. His eye for he visual and the cinematic got an amazing result. He elevates the production value of everything he shoots while also considering the enhancement of drama and service of story.  Toby is a true collaborator." 


Peter Dowling, Writer & Director 

Flight Plan & Reasonable Doubt

Drama Director of Photography London

"His creative talent and attention to detail have been consistent in both the controlled environment of the studio and in remote and very challenging locations. His thoughtful and resourceful personality has enabled him to offer creative solutions to problems and he has been central to keeping the shoot on schedule and on budget without compromising the high artistic standards which define his work."


Alec Thorne, Line Producer 

Spooks & The Paradise

Director of Photography London

“I tell everyone that Timber Falls is the best and most beautiful film I’ve directed and thanks largely due to Toby Moore. With limited means, in often challenging conditions and locations, Toby always delivered. From day one, Toby was in tune with my vision. He not only helped me realize it, he took it to another level. The challenge on Timber Falls was to keep the scenes visually interesting and fresh despite the fact 75% of the film takes place in the same location. I wanted the film’s look to gradually get smaller and darker as our story and characters fall deeper and deeper into oblivion. All this was achieved and done so gradually and flawlessly. The subject matter was at times very challenging for our young actors (and myself), and Toby understood this. He created a safe environment for our actors and myself to attack the scene. I don’t believe in storyboards. I like to block scenes at the start of every day and organically figure out the series of shots needed. On a short schedule and tight budget, Toby’s experience was key to making certain we got the day’s work done and done right. I highly recommend him. Toby brings intelligence, skill, and passion (not to mention a cheery and friendly disposition) to any production. I look forward to collaborating with him again in the future.”
Tony Giglio, Director
Chaos & Doom: Annihilation

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